Discover the centuries-old tradition of falconry and enjoy the sight of the most majestic hunters of the sky with Wild Flight. With specialised shows that display the magnificence of these mighty falcons, we are the ideal destination to personally experience the sport of kings-falconry.



Personal interaction is the key phrase. During this experience guests are allowed to get up close to the birds and interact with them physically. You are provided with a falconry glove and shown how to call a bird to your protected fist for a reward. Usually several birds are flown and the highly experienced falconer explains in detail each bird’s particular traits and personality.


Guests will also learn fascinating information about falconry tradition in Arabia and why it represents such an important element of Emirati culture.


The intimate nature of the experience lends itself to smaller groups and families.
An optional Arabic breakfast buffet is also available.

Shows and Experiences



Enjoy the breathtaking Arabian sunset among the dunes while being treated to an entertaining and informative 40-minute falconry display.



Wild Flight provides one or more live falcons for static display wearing traditional equipment.A falconer will be present to answer questions



Guests join the falconer on a short enjoyable walk while being followed by a trained Hawk. Experience is limited to a group of 10 guests.

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